Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mark Rauterkus – CANDIDATE for Controller, City of Pittsburgh

Mark Rauterkus, 48, Libertarian, seeking office of controller, city wide.
108 S. 12th Street, South Side
412 298 3432
Journalism, Ohio U., '82, with honors
Grad school at Baylor, P.E.

swim coach

Authoring book on public policy: Planks
Blog ranked 3rd most influential in PA politics (9-07)
Elected board of Allegheny Libertarians (vice chair) and ex-GOP city committee
Ran grassroots campaigns on issues and mayor, PA senate, council.
Consistent task force participant

Q: 2.1 What are the important problems of Pittsburgh that the city controller can address?

Schools. Citizen Engagement. Loss of liberty.

See Platform.For-Pgh.org/wiki.

Schools must have discipline and parent/community involvement. Build upon successful programs. Fix high schools already.

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Q: 2.2 What specific procedures should the controller's office use to address the fiscal crissis of the city?

I'll create and organize a CITIZENS' CONGRESS with hundreds of volunteer activists working as deputy auditors. Engaged residents must establish a tight grip on city government and schools The city is at the brink and out of control. Our values, priorities, benchmarks, and open dialog need an overhaul. We need to think again and create community with new leaders and real citizen empowerment.

I'll launch a Youth Technology Summit. I'll leverage open source software methods everywhere.

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