Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blogged To Death

From signs
We saw a lot of interesting people outside of the Byham Theater tonight, passing out candidate info, as the audience headed to the one night show, "Blogged To Death."

Ken and David of TV fame. Tom of Harrisburg and Jim, a local runner, both of the PG. Linda motored along as did David, League of Young Voters delegation and Rich. Dan didn't want the handouts from my boys on the corner as he went in the backstage door.

I had a ticket offer from Lynn, but had to turn her down.

Tonight was a bit crazy around the homestead. My two main running mates were dragged to work the lit handout at the corner while I was at the other end of the sidewalk. We had just had violin lessons. Catherine organized International Day at Pitt earlier in the afternoon. But the bad news -- Grandma is spending her second night at Presby.

So, I missed both the debate and the show -- but we did pass out 150 brochures tonight, and got everyone's homework done, I think.

Tomorrow, who is up for a bike ride?

Critical Mass meets in Oakland at the Carnegie Music Hall by Dippy around 5 pm. I'll be there with the running mates and my campaign manager, Vicki, and her son.

So, how did it go?

What were some good lines?

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