Sunday, September 23, 2007

Welcome to the THIRD most influential political blog in Pennsylvania

I had been ranked as high as seventh. In the last period, the ranking here was eveventh. Falling out of the top 10 isn't so fun. But now -- the blog has hit its highest ever with influence.

Mike Tomlin is going to be seeking "running mate status."

That McBeam mascot is now considering a name change, as I have suggested in the past, to "McPipe." Then he'll rush to help fix water main breaks around the region. He's made an inquiry to find out when the plumbers union is starting its next round with apprentice training.

Bram of PghComment is even leaving me Comets in my front yard and posting his full agreement that getting the "L" candidate (Tony Oliva) and "S" candidate onto the ballot for Mayor, and onto the debate stage, is going to help advance the cause for making this a better region.

What's next -- a snowball effect in October?

Perhaps I'll get a cameo role in the Food Bank benefit on Thursday at the gig called "Blogged to Death?" In not, jelly rolls will do.

Stay tuned....

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