Monday, September 24, 2007

Bob Mayo, enjoy your holiday. Keep the shinny side up.

Where in the world is Bob Mayo? He has to be driving a bus somewhere. Right?

Bob just emailed me to say he is on holiday this week. So, he isn't 'lost.' Don't worry. But, a blogger who works in the MSM (mainstream media) and has a wonderful blog called the busman's holiday must have interesting vacation and travel insights. Right?

Get it. The blogger of the busman's holiday is on holiday. Meanwhile, I'm trying to strike up a conversation about ethics and he has been the "go to man."

We miss you already.

I remember I called Jon Delano of KDKA TV when he was at the beach on a vacation in August of 2006. I needed him after I got served papers that tried to knock me off the ballot for PA Senate race. Those very political papers included the fax number of my State Senator on them. Perhaps that's why there are ethical issues in Harrisburg hitting now concerning overtime and work of legislative staffers. Oh well. I could relax then knowing at least he was having a day at the beach.

Open thread.

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