Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rauterkus = Uberblogger via The Busman's Holiday's Holiday

The Busman's Holiday: The Busman's Holiday's Holiday
Uberblogger this week. Last week I was called a 'Fixture.'
From Mark Rauterkus
By the way, new postcards arrived yesterday. The headline: "Elect a Fixture for Freedom."

I passed out some of the postcards last night while at the Civic Arena for the free, open skate. The arena was 'cool' place to be on a muggy evening. I let our family's other candidate skip swim practice so he could go for the first skate of the year in a building that won't be around by the time he graduates high school, sadly.

(insert photos - check back soon)

Skipping a swim practice is a big deal on a Tuesday in the month of September because of there isn't any workouts for the rest of the week. Our new our home team, the JCC Sailfish, holds practices at the Jewish Community Center. That facility is closed for another holiday. Well, it is the last one for a long while.

I did get Erik with a bribe to help me on Thursday night for downtown literature drop activities, after violin lessons. And, Erik, Grant and I will pedal with critical mass on Friday. Meet at Dippy in Oakland. See the public calendar.
Full text of the postcard:

Elect a Fixture for Freedom

Mark @ Rauterkus . com

Libertarian candidate for Pgh Controller and City Council, district 3.

As an elected official, I promise to do more for the families, kids and youth of Pittsburgh than all the others combined.


Vote on November 6, 2007

We need aggressive watchdogs that care. Mark has the capacity to communicate solutions on the internet with a modern, open, network for all.

412 298 3432 = cell

Mark @ Rauterkus . com
Guess I'll need to make up some Uberblogger postcards next.

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