Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Round up: Strippers on Ice on the South Side

In the North Side, they are stopping development of a property -- what about property rights -- for an establishment that was predicted. We knew slots would attract sluts.

Meanwhile, in the South Side, they are stopping development of a property that is owned by the city and could/should/would be used for POSITIVE activities. There is a closed indoor ice rink, a recreational facility. It has been closed for YEARS. The city rejected the proposals for re-opening the facilities in the park.

Go figure.

How about we get the best of both worlds, ... Strippers on ice for the south side. Then, you never know, a hockey game might break out.

Or, how about if we ask that we put a YMCA within the massive parking garage -- either in the North Side -- or at the uptown site.

By my most pressing question: Are they going to change the bus routes for the Ship of Zion to swing by the new joint on the North Side?

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