Friday, September 21, 2007

Circuit City shopper, city of Brooklyn resolve dispute over arrest -

Have you been following this story? It has been on the tip of my podcast for a while.
Circuit City shopper, city of Brooklyn resolve dispute over arrest - cleveland.comBrooklyn - The city prosecutor on Wednesday dropped a misdemeanor charge of obstructing official police business against Circuit City shopper Michael Righi.

And Righi agreed that a police officer did nothing wrong in arresting him after he refused to show his driver's license outside the store Sept. 1.

The agreement Wednesday brought to a close the case of the Pittsburgh man, who refused to produce a receipt to a store employee after leaving the store.

Visited his blog and got this story, about PPG. Seeing how cameras are again a hot topic, I post a snip of it here, today:
www. Michael Righi .com - Blog Archive - PPG: Photography Not Allowed: "I then proceeded to Third Avenue which runs between a few of the buildings. Here I took notice of two security guards relaxing outside a parking garage. Standing on the street about twenty feet away, I took two pictures of the towers around us before one of them shouted, “No pictures of the buildings!”

I could not believe it. Not that I don’t believe everything I read on the Internet (of course I do), but some things are just too stupid to believe if you don’t witness them for yourself. I mean, there I was standing on a public street taking pictures of a building in plain view from anywhere in town, and I was being told that this building was off-limits to photography. I wasn’t peeking through windows on a ladder, and I wasn’t crawling through the building’s ventilation system with a hidden camera in my shoe."

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