Friday, September 21, 2007

DeSantis Lays Out 5 Point Anti-Crime Plan

GOP Candidate for Mayor, Mark DeSantis kicked off a conversation on crime. Let's sustain the chatter. - DeSantis Lays Out 5 Point Anti-Crime Plan

My comment to the PghComment: (

The cameras are bad, unless, they are pointed first at all the politicians and the public treasury.

Next, all the cameras should be open source and put into the public domain. The content should flow to the net so anyone, anywhere, can witness what happens with these cameras.

Otherwise, I don't want cameras.

PEN DOT has cameras. I can see what traffic is like on the Parkway East. That's okay.

Open source cameras after we put cameras in the citizen police review board meetings, the authority board meetings, the public safety meetings (yes, they do occur), and the bank accounts -- via transparent trust funds.

Bram's post:
The Pittsburgh Comet: The DeSantis Anti-Crime Plan at a Glance
WTAE headline, DeSantis says he'd be tough on crime. That type of talk makes me wonder and be glad I'm running for city controller.

Memo to DeSantis: The Allegheny County's jail is full to capacity. Some good police work happens and the bad guys are back out on the street in a week's time, only to get into trouble again and caught again.
Pittsburgh Mayoral Candidate DeSantis Outlines Public Safety Plan - News Story - WTAE Pittsburgh

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