Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ron Paul’s Internet Blitz Continues: Campaign to Stream Live Video of Chicago Rally Saturday

Ron Paul’s Internet Blitz Continues: Campaign to Stream Live Video of Chicago Rally Saturday: "Presidential candidate Ron Paul will stream video on his website of a rally in Chicago this Saturday 3 PM CT. The campaign is expecting there to be a large crowd for the event.

Paul’s campaign has been doing an end around of traditional media by posting video of events on their website. This time the video will be live and has the potential to start a new trend in presidential campaigning.

Paul wrote on his website Thursday, ‘The world's elites are busy forming a North American Union. If they succeed, as they did in forming the European Union, the good ol’ USA will only be a memory. We cannot let that happen.’"


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(remainder of article)

Paul continued his message of civil rights by blasting the Patriot Act, ‘The elites gave us a national ID card. They also gave us the most misnamed legislation in history: The Patriot Act. And these same people are pushing to give amnesty to illegal immigrants and erase our national borders.’

Paul has been routinely gaining crows over 1000 people at his events across the country. While placing an emphasis on Iowa and New Hampshire, Paul’s campaign appears to be already running a national campaign to some extent.

Paul also supports eliminating income taxes, the Federal Reserve, and withdrawing troops from Iraq.

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letter from Ron Paul on Sept 22

September 22, 2007

The end is nigh. Of the third quarter of 2007, that is! And I need your help to make sure that our campaign gets a big boost. At the end of the second quarter, on August 1, we had more money than McCain, and we got a million dollars worth of free publicity.

This time, we can get 10 million dollars worth, IF we have good results to announce on October 1, and therefore the resources to build for the future.

After all, our ideas have never been needed more. The Federal Reserve is killing our dollar, the war is killing our soldiers, police-state methods are killing our civil liberties, and the income tax and bureaucratic meddling are killing our economy.

But there is hope for America in the ideas of this Revolution. What progress we are making, all across this country, among all groups. The mainstream media may ignore us, but we are winning strawpolls, drawing huge crowds, getting local media, moving up in the regular polls (a lagging indicator, of course), organizing, dominating the internet, and preparing the way for the early caucuses and primaries.

As our opponents begin to falter, and the undecideds grow in strength, this is our time. When people learn about our ideas and our work for them, they join the Revolution. So my job is to make sure they learn!

But I can't do this job alone. I need you. Please, reach out your hand and clasp mine. Our country is at stake, our children's future and ours is in the balance. Make the most generous contribution you can, and make it soon. Help me go into October with a roar. Help me build this campaign as it must be built.

A 13-year-old said to me the other day, "Dr. Paul, you are the hope of my future." No, I told her, but this Revolution is. Will she grow up in a poorer, more socialist, more militarist, more oppressive country? Or the free country you and I love?

Let's work together with all our strength for the Constitution, for America, for all our people, for freedom, prosperity, and peace. Together, you and I can make a Revolution. Let's do it!



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John K. says: This letter sounds strikenly familar. Does anyone remember Bo Gritz (Lt. Col B. Gritz US Army (ret) ) who ran for President in 1988. He said the same things.