Wednesday, September 19, 2007

By George, we got a Director who ain't acting any more

After an exhaustive national search, and after months and months of acting, dress rehearsals, script reviews and a little bit of lawyering while on tv -- the city has a DIRECTOR for its LAW DEPARTMENT.

Congrats to George Specter. You're hired.

Months ago I suggested that George be fired.

I didn't like some of the early advice he gave us. George Specter said upon the passing of Mayor Bob O'Connor that city council president would be able to serve out the remainder of Bob O'Connor's term without an election. More than three years!

George Specter wasn't acting director for three years, but he had been one for a long, long time. Where is the historian when you need one.

At the interview process with city council today we learned from Doug Shields, city council president that George has a good demeanor. That makes him a plum for the job. Thanks for that endorsement Mr. Shields.

At least Twanda didn't pry into Mr. Specter's availability and married life as was the buzz when a handsome gentleman seeking advance promotion in the fire bureau came to the table next. He was cute. Wonder what Pitt Girl thinks?

The Law Department's budget allows for 15.5 FTEs (full time employees). Presently the staffing level is at 13.5.

I think one of the new hires for the Law Department should be Michael Lamb. He is an attorney. He is a city resident. He knows his way around town and city hall.

Hire Mike Lamb. He'd be a great attorney in the City's Law Department.

I called the City Law Department today to ask how I could and should file a complaint with the city's Ethics Hearing Board. I was sent into the voice mail of Kate DeSimone, 412-255-2010.

The first job for the new director of the Law Department should be the publishing of clear instructions on how to file a complaint with the ethics hearing board. Can an email address be established, such as "Ethics-Board@city.*" Or, "Legal-grip@city.*" or how about, "Ethical.Nebsters@city.*"

When Doug Shields asked about how the director of the law department would shape the city within a three part question of keen insight, we learned about how Specter would bridge the gap. He quibbled about how much work was forthcoming from the 13.5 and making it all the way to 15.5. The "deputy director" of the law department, Mr. Specter's former position, wasn't filled for all those months when he was the acting director.

Yep, the city is going to run much more smoothly now.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

It came to my attention that the headline might be all wrong.

Acting has two meanings.

He was the acting director -- (as in temp role (another pun) for a short period) -- and -- he was (is) very good at ACTING.

He got the director's job because of his acting ability.

It occurred to me that maybe George Spector was promoted because he can lie better than Luke. He can attest to what Luke says is right regardless of the truth. One liar to cover another liars lies.

That came from another email to me.

I'm not sure what he lied about. I am not going to go that far. But, he had better be able to act well.

You know what they say, ... What do you call 100 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?