Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mayor talked last night at Pitt to College Dems and says the strip club is good for economic development

The conversation in the Q&A period last night in a room at the William Pitt Student Union at the University of Pittsburgh with the College Democrats when something like this. (Disclaimer: I wasn't there. This is second hand info. However, I this recap comes on good authority.)
Question to mayor: Will there be other economic development opportunities on the North Shore around the new casino?

Answer from mayor: Sure. There is going to be a big strip club opening in the vicinity.
No way. Really?

Is this moving our city forward?

Is this how Pittsburgh is to 'stand tall' for the future?

By the way, this is NOT a joke.

Does anyone out there have either the audio or video of this 'presentation?'

This is exactly what I am so hacked off about. The Pitt Dems should have been one of the sponsors of a debate last night. The other sponsors could have been the College Republicans and the College Libertarians, to mention just two. A full-blown debate could and should have been staged. They could have had cameras on the participants. YouTube works! Rather, they held a small meeting where goofy things can get said and hardly disputed. The mayor is ducking his duty in a prime political season. And, the others throughout the community are gracious hosts to provide cover.

Pittsburgh is a smokey city -- still -- in this realm.

Agent Ska, where were you and your camera on the night that a potential strip club was revealed as a good economic development tool by Luke Ravenstahl?

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Anonymous said...

John K. says: This is interesting. There is a political group called "Strippers for Ron Paul." They support him because libertarians do not legislate morality. Perhaps Mayor Ravenstahl observed that and jumped on the band wagon?

Bram Reichbaum said...

Was that said in the tone of an off-the-cuff laugh line, hahahaha, or was it a little more serious?

Mark Rauterkus said...

From what I hear, there were plenty of laughs when Jason Pillips was called upon by the mayor and Luke used his first name. Jason said, "I didn't know I was on a first name basis with the mayor." (ha, ha, ha)

Then Jason asked about the Pittsburgh Promise.

No laughs there.

And, no laughs when the economic development answer was put forth by Luke.

Jaws did drop. Perhaps eyes did bug out. But that is not audio rich listening.

Anonymous said...

The Pitt News was there.
No mention of Jason, or your source (if they are different people). Also, no mention of strip clubs as economic development.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: No it was not said in jest. There really is a group called "Strippers for Ron Paul." They view him as the best candidate because he says he does not legislate morality. So this strip club on the Northside fits right into his plans. Unless the Ron Paul supporters are now legislating morality.

Laura said...

Uh, I run a computer company and I had to make a business presentation. sorry I couldn't be everywhere.