Friday, September 21, 2007

Wilburn's return and those Canadians

Morning joke I posted within a comment with the ADB blog about new troubles from Canada since their dollar is equal to ours.

First off, fear not about a Canadian invasion. Dan Onorato is keen to their ways. This is why he killed off a flock of their spies caught in North Park in recent months.

Rest easy, our fearless leaders are whacking down the enemy without abandon.

Secondly, the smart money in Canada isn't keen on an invasion of the U-S-of-A when CUBA can be got first at even better rates. They are just waiting for hurricane season to pass and the Canadian winter to begin.

Again, fear not. The Canadians are trying to get NHL to Havana. They already got em to Florida. But Onorato was on the ball -- err -- puck again. Just yesterday they inked the deal to keep the Pens in Pittsburgh until 2040. By then we'll have to worry about the Pens road trips to Costa Rica and Mexico.

Thank goodness for the slogan, Don't Mess with Texas, -- and Ron Paul, of course. He'll keep the Canadian forces in check from the south with the fence and border beef plus a tear down of the FED Reserve.

In other news, Wilburn, his wife, Pat, and son are going to be back in town for a weekend, Oct 13-14. Their wonderful South Side house has not sold, thanks to the American real estate markets. We'll get to visit. Plus, I should promote the details on his house on this blog.

The family moved to Toronto in August.

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