Friday, September 28, 2007

My question to the mayor candidates has been submitted. Replies welcomed. Ball is in their -- or -- YOUR court.

The Post-Gazette editors are holding a debate for the mayor candidates in the second week of October. I've email this question to them for consideration.
Rec centers and swim pools have closed in recent years. Mark Rauterkus, a swim coach and political fixture himself, claims that coaching, mentoring, programming, volunteerism and leadership of city kids, teens and young adults is poor.

Do you favor the creation of a new "Pittsburgh Park District" that pulls Citiparks, County Parks & Rec and after-school access out of Grant Street political circles and into a new, democratic, entity sustained, in part with the RAD Tax.

Mr. Rauterkus claims stronger students with a more robust kid and parent engagement in new networks are necessary to grow Pittsburgh out of its mess. Our city's loss of young talent coupled with the violence has been a 1-2 punch on the city for years.

Will you work for a new approach and cut the ties from the city to Recreation so others with more energy and vision can come to care for our parks and our youth?


Schultz said...

We need more parks! Despite having 4 grand parks within city limits, Pittsburgh is mediocre when it comes to number of citizens with access to parks and also % of city land that is park space.

Pittsburgh also spends one of the lowest dollar amounts per capita for park related expenditures. Depoliticizing the parks makes sense and hopefully this is something on DeSantis's radar.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and all who will participate in this upcoming Tuesday
October 9, 2007 event. I know it will be interesting and informative. To
that end, I'd like the following question to be asked:

"In light of 15 losing seasons, the Pittsburgh Pirates have been CLEANING
HOUSE . The City of Pittsburgh has had 75+ LOSING SEASONS because of one
party Democratic rule. We've had a declining towards DECEASED population
base, entrepreneurs and viable businesses fleeing to other places, college
graduates leaving instead of staying to contribute their expertise, plus a
DINOSAUR political machine reluctant to adapt in this vibrant and
fast-moving 21st Century global environment. WHY, Mayor Ravenstahl, should
we give you and many others of your Democratic Party persuasion a chance to
continue this pathetic record?"

Thanks in advance for your reading of this message. Blessings, all the best,
plus keep up your fantastic work at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Rick Hays (Richard M. Hays, Jr. and 'Rick from Mt. Washington')