Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ethics Hearing Board boss, Sister Patrice, due any moment on KDKA Radio

Why would Sister P.H., boss of the Ethics Hearing Board, be slated to a KDKA Radio call-in show today? She'll be on Kevin Miller's show. Who is booking her to those appearances?

Is the Sister going to speak out about the arrival of the new Bishop?

Is the Sister going to speak about the secrecy of the Pittsburgh nonprofit trust fund that generates money for the city in unknown ways from unknown sources in unknown amounts with an unknown future -- by design?

I hope to call into the show and ask her if she'll hold a meeting in October. The last monthly meeting was scratched as a quorum was not present.

Am with good assumptions that the Sister would have gotten copies of these documents by now. They were delivered to her via the Pgh Law Department on Friday.

As one who files a complaint, I'm under the thumb of 'confidentiality.' But, is she?

Blab about it bloggers.

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