Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mark Rauterkus – CANDIDATE for City Council, district 3

2.1 What steps would you take to solve the current fiscal crisis in the city?

Lay The Shovel Down. Stop expensive boneheaded projects with little lasting benefit. Many boondoggles curb freedom and cripple Pgh's future with debt.

I'll create teamwork among citizens and institutions. Let's distill better solutions; sustain discussions; inject debate and diverse perspectives; re-establish values. My priority is to compete like never before.

= 51 words

2.2 Do you support merging some services with the county, and if so, what are they?

Corporate welfare, police brutality, firefighters contracts, downtown interests, and Luke's golf drown everything else. Kids and families are ignored. Youths need coaching, not more shootings. Let's teach how to play. Volunteerism would soar by removing Citiparks, County Parks & Rec, and PPS afterschool from city hall. Build a democratic entity: Pgh Park District. (2004 positions at Play.CLOH.Org) Illinois uses this model so regional assets are cared for by parks and rec interests.

Cut URA. Merge Parking Authority by liquidation to marketplace.

= 82 words SUMARY: 51 + 80 = 131

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