Thursday, September 27, 2007

David Adams yanks at his opponent to get out into the community -- or else

From the Office of the Adams for the 9th Campaign Team

Press Release:

David Adams, independent candidate for the 9th district city council seat, expressed frustration with Ricky Burgess’ obvious apprehension with meeting him to discuss an opportunity to debate informally, in order to provide the constituents of the district an opportunity to view the candidates and base their decision upon their plan, or in Adams’ case strategies for the district.

“I am sending this press release in order to satisfy 9th district residents Adams said, everyone I come in contact with wants to see us together discussing what we believe are the important issues.

Hiding as he is will not keep him from discussing the issues. We both will face the editorial board of the Post Gazette on October 10th. The residents of the 9th district have suffered from this kind of under cover, underhanded scheming for far too long; Burgess has no plan, other than opening the door to the corrupt developers, who sit in wait licking their lips to take over our district land. Through my investigative team the Conscience Group, I have received serious information about the true nature of Burgess’ agenda; it may not be his at all!”

“If Ricky Burgess does not come forward, by calling the office of the Adams for the 9th campaign team, by Monday October 1, I will personally challenge him in his church during a service, or resort to Marine tactics which will definitely force him out in the public,” Adams stated.

“The choice is his, Adams said, I represent the youth, the young adults, progressive seniors, and the residents who wish to preserve and rebuild our community, and especially our neighborhoods. We may not have the big money everyone outside of our community continues to throw in our face right now, but I swear before my God, this city will not push us out of our district! They may have purchased “Burgess,” thinking they have the key to the 9th, but I send this out to all that may hear… THE 9th DISTRICT IS NOT FOR SALE!!!! Under the Adams administration, residents can count on something similar to the Harlem Project.


Anonymous said...

First of all, Rev. Burgess is committed to improving our 9th district and he is NOT hiding from David Adams and the residents of the 9th council district; rather, he is in the community improving the life of youth and families in the 9th district EVERY DAY! Is Adams spending his time working for the betterment of our community, or is he to preoccupied with political calculus and negative campaigning?

Secondly, the charges of corruption that Adams levels against Burgess are inconsistent with the Reverend's lifetime of service. The pastor has spent his entire career improving the life of people throughout the city of Pittsburgh, especially in the 9th council district. Additionally, Rev. Burgess will take a paycut as a city councilman, so it is clear that his motivation is for the seat is not financial not financial. In fact, Rev. Burgess has laid out motivation for the council seal as well as his plan for taking back our community in a number of public forums; it is Adams who appears to have no plan, other than closing the door to law enforcement, as drug dealers and gang members sit in wait, licking their lips to FURTHER take over our district land. It is Adams' decision to hire a team of investigators to slander Rev. Burgess that looks to be "undercover, underhanded scheming." Is this type of dirty politics what we need in the 9th council district?

Thirdly, Adams' threat to compromise the sanctity of a religious service is extremely alarming. While I realize that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, I expected that Adams would have enough concern for the parishioners of the 9th district to not insult their religious beliefs. Unfortunately, it seems like a publicity stunt is more important to Adams then respecting the people of the 9th council district. Are these the priorities we want from a prospective councilman?

In addition, Adams' threat of marine tactics, is reminiscent of the type of combat Rev. Burgess is trying to keep off our streets. This threat honestly makes me question David Adams' committment to public safety. How exactly does Adams plan to "force [Rec. Burgess] out in the public" especially given the fact that Rev. Burgess is consistently visible in the 9th council district. Will he create disturbances outside Rev. Burgess' church? Disable Rev. Burgess' car? Harass the Burgess family? Invade the Burgess home? Will Adams "resort" to these military tactics anytime he is politically frustrated? Can we afford to allow such a man to represent our community?

Finally does Adams know what the Harlem project is? It was a massive, predominately privately funded comprehensive education plan. But the Harlem project does not focus on housing improvement, violence reduction, or economic development. Also, given that despite its limited scope, the Harlem project's yearly operating budget is over $36 million dollars with a 9 figure endowment, coupled both with the financial crisis currently facing our city's public education and the failed multimillion dollar Early Childhood Initiative in Pittsburgh with similar aims, the chance of getting the funding to implement such a program is EXTREMELY unlikely at best. Do we want unrealistic promises instead of action-oriented plans from our next councilperson?

Residents of the 9th council district deserve committed, competent, community-centric leadership from there councilperson. In light of this press release, do you really think David Adams can provide that?

Mark Rauterkus said...

There is a time to debate. This is the time. A time to reap, a time to sow, etc.

Burgess had better devote -- as in DEVOTION -- to debate. He is ducking debates. He is NOT debating. There should be dozens of debates. He is failing. Burgess can go back to his day-to-day work from 9-5. Then it is time for community debate as candidates. Now. Those forums need to be supported and pulled into being by both candidates.

If he takes a pay cut or not matters little.

Where are those public forums?

We need the guys to get onto the debate stage -- repeatedly -- to see what's what and who's who.

The 9th district -- as too the others -- need involved citizens. Engagement. That's not going to happen if Burgess does nothing.

Burgess needs to stand up and accept the challenge.

Anonymous said...

Mark, improving the 9th council district is not a 9-5, 40 hours a week job, at least not to Ricky Burgess. Instead, Burgess is consistently in community working with people to enhance the the quality of life in the east end neighborhoods. His focus is improving our council district, not satisfying the curiosity of outside commentators. Rev. Burgess plans have been brought to the 9th district residents through campaign literature, door knocking, debates, and interviews. Members of the 9th district know what Rev. Burgess stands for, leading them to overwhelming choose him out of a crowd field to represent them as the democratic nominee. It is Adams who is unknown to the 9th council district, and I would hope that his campaign would focus on engaging the citizenry instead of making unfounded attacks on Rev. Burgess as he toils, day in and day out, to take back our community.

Mark Rauterkus said...

The debate chatter does not wash with me. The debates he did were in the primary. They don't count now.

The political system needs candidate debates. They are an important cog in elections -- AND -- in getting real solutions for the district, our city and the region.

Sure, he can knock on doors. But, ducking debates is a real knock. And it can be fixed.