Friday, October 01, 2004

Maverick enters mayoral race

AP Wire | 09/30/2004
Murphy has been forced to repeatedly deny bankruptcy rumors as the Nov. 2 election approaches. A scathing report issued by a city-commissioned law firm in September portrayed a dysfunctional City Hall with a history of keeping damaging information from public view. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Department are investigating the city's financial practices.

It could be, but the news above is NOT about Pittsburgh. Rather its from the seventh largest city in the US.

The new entry, playing a spoiler's role perhaps is a sporting, surfer type. She insisted that a write-in candidate could win. She must submit 200 signatures and pay $500 by Oct. 19 for her name to be appear on a list of write-in candidates posted at city polling places. 'The public knows how to write,' she said. 'I am convinced that the citizens are smart enough to figure out how to write 'Frye' on a little line and fill out a little oval.'

Such a shame that western PA's infrastructure is so frail that sensible write-in options are not within our grasps. I'm seeking to change our backwards election policies to enable the true citizens voice to sound with greater force. Furthermore, the two who stand to most to loose with the new arrival in the race, Murphy and Roberts, invited the newest participant to participate in a series of televised debates.

A San Diego environmental lawyer and lifelong surfer called Frye a 'matriarch' in surfing circles. She was activist for clean water and got involved after her husband, a surfer, was sickened by dirty water.

My wake-up call came with the distruction of Pitt Stadium and the building of the dwarf football fields at the UPMC's Sports Center on the South Side -- still without the long-ago promised community access.

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