Friday, October 01, 2004

Pondering Code of Conduct for 2005 Mayor's Race

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In the next couple of days, I'm going to make an effort to advance a "code of conduct" that centers on Pittsburgh's 2005 Mayor's Race. This will include a call to others to contribute ideas and offer solutions.

In 2001, Mayor Murphy made one debate in the general election. It was held on Sunday night before the Tuesday election. That can't happen again. And, it can't be forgotten.

In 2002, Mayor Murphy made a TV commercial that used the Mayor's office as a backdrop to endorse Ed Rendell. That calculated error should have been pulled from the airways and NOT run -- but the neither the media outlets nor the endorser nor the candidate saw fit to do the right thing.

In 2004, the game is about 527 organizations.
Serious legal questions abound again relating to Ed
Rendell and 527 Organizations with the Pennsylvania Kerry/Edwards Campaign.

Republican State Committee Chairman Alan Novak this week called the coordination between Governor Rendell, the State Democratic Party and ultra-liberal 527 groups an egregious violation of Federal Election Commission Campaign Finance laws.

Governor Ed Rendell is running the grassroots operation and get-out-the-vote effort of the Democrat Party of Pennsylvania through 527 soft-money groups such as Americans Coming Together," stated Novak. "He has some serious questions to answer."

In a letter dated September 20, 2004, Governor Rendell solicits funds for America Coming Together's (ACT) grassroots operation in Pennsylvania and promises ACT will spend nearly $10 million in Pennsylvania to elect Democrats at all levels of government.

Under Federal Election Commission (FEC) guidelines, it is illegal for coordination to take place between a candidate, or agent of that candidate, and any so-called 527 organization.

Governor Rendell, as an agent of the Kerry/Edwards campaign, sent out a recent email paid for by Kerry/Edwards 2004 seeking support for their grassroots effort in Pennsylvania.

Despite the clear prohibition against coordination between 527 operations and campaigns, it is apparent Governor Rendell and the State Democrats have been coordinating and communicating with 527 organizations operating in Pennsylvania for months. As far back as April, Governor Rendell, in a conference call set up by the John Kerry campaign, said that several Washington, D.C.-based soft-money organizations formed by Democrats will spur widespread Democratic voter registration and turnout in Pennsylvania.

In a recent Fox News interview, when asked about his party‚s grassroots organization, Democrat State Committee Chair T.J. Rooney made clear the coordination between the state party, Kerry/Edwards 2004 and ACT.

"Since the onset of the presidential campaign in Pennsylvania, there has been obvious coordination between 527s and the Pennsylvania Kerry/Edwards grassroots campaign. In case anyone had a doubt, these recent revelations are proof-positive that ACT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Kerry/Edwards Campaign and the Democrat Party of Pennsylvania. Governor Rendell knows the needs and plans of the Kerry/Edwards campaign in Pennsylvania, now he is blatantly helping 527‚s coordinate and fund it," said Chairman Novak.

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