Friday, October 01, 2004

PSO and Wilkinsburg Music

Efforts with the Pittsburgh Symphony and Wilkinsburg's music program are great. Bravo!

My grandfather, Dr. Joseph A. Rauterkus, started Pittsburgh's Symphony Orchestra as a work project venture in the Great Depression. Grandpa also started the school of music at DU and spent many years with Central Catholic, the VA doing music therapy, and even directed the musicians union at 4th of July concerts at North Park, when I was a young lad.

Furthermore, my mom and dad both grew up in Wilkinsburg. Dad marched in the Tiger band (baritone) and mom was a co-leader of the majorettes.

Today's musical leaders should contact UPMC's Eye and Ear Institute and talk to my wife and get hearing protection for the instructors and participants. Especially with all the drumming activities now in place. All the Pgh Public School educators got exposed to some quality health care advice via the launch of this new program in 2002-03. Now that program is taking root and will spread to other school districts.

The price is right, due to some grant funds. And, those precious hair cells don't grow back after being damaged.

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Anonymous said...

Chris Moore, TV broadcaster, did a story with QED on this topic with Black Horizons show.