Friday, October 01, 2004

Smearing example

Some dude with the handle, "kumufa", email address NUKED by intent, wrote in part:
Do we want to get together and watch his sorry ass make some stupid suggestions about the health care crisis?

My reply:

Perhaps it would be good to show a little more respect. If anyone who was working in my campaign spoke that way in a public email about a US Congressman and "LOYAL OPPONENT" -- I'd censor if not fire him or her.

We've got a duty. It isn't about smearing. Poke holes in the programs and the outcomes, please. Knock em out of the park if you can, on merit and with measured distinctions.

Look to the comment area for his entire email. He is working for a Doctor candidate, Mark Boles, a Dem. I like seeing health care talk and candidates with medical experiences in various races. And, the target, Tim Murphy, is also with his own expert background, perceptions and came from the psych profession.


Mark Rauterkus said...

Posting at MarkBoles4Congress:

On Sunday, Tim Murphy will be on PBS at 3 pm to talk about
healthcare. Do we want to get together and watch his sorry ass make
some stupid suggestions about the health care crisis? He will
probably offer the pathetic NON-SOLUTIONS of tort reform, health
spending accounts, and allowing small business to band together to
bargain. These are the things his master Dick Cheney has ordered him
to promote.

We were trying to organize a labeling party for Mark Boles anyway,
this would be a good time. Anybody game? Let me know, I can have it
at my place, if need be.


Congressman Murphy on WQED TV

Congressman Murphy will appear on PBS television Sunday to discuss
healthcare issues. The program "Public Voice 2004: Healthcare" will
discuss topics of healthcare availability, quality and cost.
Congressman Murphy will be joined on the panel by other healthcare
experts and Members of Congress. The program will air Sunday,
October 3 rd, at 3 p.m.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Posting came via email, and within minutes it was posted to here.

Mr. Raterkus:
I do not work for Mark Boles and can not be "fired" as you say.
I am an independent citizen who has a freedom of speech. There are,
of course, limitations to that freedom:slander, inciting riot, etc.
I have committed none of these crimes. This message board is a
private message board, not affiliated with the Boles campaign, so it
is you who are trying to "smear" Mark Boles by publicly making a
false statement.

As for respect, I give respect to people who deserve respect,
regardless of their position. I give respect to the janitor who
cleans my office because she is a decent person and does her job
well. I do not respect Tim Murphy. Although, after meeting him, I
don't think he is a bad person, he has done an atrocious job as

In addition, if you or any of your campaign staff or Tim Murphy or
anybody wants to debate me on solutions to the health care crisis, I
am more than willing to mop the floor with any of you.

I'm not holding my breath however, considering you are the type of
person who feels the need to stoop to sneaky cross-postings of what
is essentially a joke, put the words out of context and make false
charges. At this point, Mr. Rauterkus, I don't have a whole lot of
respect for you. Maybe something will happen in the future to change
that opinion.

-Christopher J. Marquette
110 Elm St.
Edgewood, PA 15218
(412) 247-5110

P.S. please feel to post this message on your blog, including the
full contact information - I notice that is something you have not
had the courtesy to provide. Again, I'm not holding my breath.

Mark Rauterkus said...

> I do not work for Mark Boles and can not be "fired" as you say.

Good to know. Thanks for the reply. Thanks too for the health care debate offer. Your post via email went to the blog via me as you instructed. You can post to the blog directly as well.

And, there isn't much 'sneaky' about my reply as it went straight on to you -- without a sneak. It's open, direct. As to the cross-post remark, notice that it is but only to my blog -- my domain. I'm entitled to my reactions at my spots. No cross-post went to any newsgroups nor elsewhere but here. Just clearing the record too.

Likewise, I don't work for either candidate. Like you, I assume, I'm interested in the issues and the overall political process. Thanks again and thanks for all you do.