Friday, November 05, 2004

Grown ups can accept a loss and live on

One of the deals that I made with my wife when I ran for mayor, and an easy to do, was that I'd not call for any recount. I lost. We lived with the decision of the voters.
Novak calls on Eisenhower to concede

Harrisburg -- Three days after Pennsylvanians elected Republican Tom Corbett as their next Attorney General, Democratic opponent Jim Eisenhower refuses to concede. Pennsylvania State Republican Chairman Alan Novak today called on Eisenhower to join the rest of Pennsylvania in supporting Corbett.

"I'm disappointed that Jim is ignoring the will of his fellow Pennsylvanians," said Novak. "Tom Corbett's victory was convincing. The election is over, and Pennsylvanians are moving forward together. It's time for Jim to do the right thing and concede this race."

FWIW, Corbett's signs were the only ones that I posted in my windows and at the polls this cycle. He's a Shaler guy. Seems sensible.

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