Friday, November 05, 2004

Some post election advice

US Congressman, Tim Murphy, R, (South Hills) beat another Doctor, Mark Boles, in 2004's general election to re-capture his seat in the US Congress. The district stretches from South Hills to Westmorland County.

Here is some of my advice that was posted to the Boles email discussion list:

Post election, there are a number of worthy efforts that need some attention.

First, where is the Mark Boles platform? The platform should be archived in public view. Any plans, goals, solution ideas need to be preserved -- and put in clear public view.

I think it is best to put them into the public domain as well.

If there are some original ideas and some original organization of those ideas, then the ideas should take on a life of their own. Give them wings. Set them free. The ideas can outlive the campaign by being picked up by others for the fights yet to come.

Second, on the heels of making the platform as something that is preserved, opened, visible, public, it needs to be evaluated.

What worked. What resonated?
What was a hinderance?
What delivery was effective?
Where were things too complicated, too simple, too miss-understood?

So, take some time and do a critical evaluation of the ideas (not the candidate) and how they played in the campaign, with the public, with the opposition, with the friends, with the party, with the running mates, etc.

Third, do a historical log and put that out in the open for public view and for others yet to come. Who helped organize the debate? Who came to a rally or worked hard on a rally. Why? What communities are out there that show concern over what issues?

Too often the collective well of knowledge runs dry. People come and go in the challenger's role, churning. Hence the ones in power get stonger. Sitting on things and insights and contacts is a sure way to give the others another win or three.

We have to have people take the extra steps after the election to make clear sailing for the next to come and then thrive. Where were beach-heads established? Those same areas should not be ignored nor should they be given back the next time without a fight. Too often the challenger is ignorant due to fault of the ones who ran the last three times in the past.

Case in point: The East Suburban UU Church played a pivotal role in the debate. They wanted to have a US Senate debate. Had to settle for US Congress race. But, ten debates are needed for the next race. And if the opponent only shows up for one, so be it. Who would host those other debates? Chamber, other churches, school groups, etc.

Third, crunch the numbers. Evaluate by ward and neighborhood. Find out the trends, the percentages. Make observations and talk about them to see if others agree or not. Look to see how Bush did in 2000 vs. 2004 vs. Congressional races vs. best districts and worst.
Case in point: GWB flew from Texas to DC on election day after he voted.
It was no mistake that his plane stopped in Ohio.

Be smart. Have details. Know the facts and have strong reasoning to support those facts.

Where did you do literature drops? Where were there victories, and why? How much did it cost to win certain districts? How did the candidate do in his own ward vs. how did the candidate do in the opponents?

Finally, I think it makes little sense to keep the lights on in a campaign here for 2006 when there are races in 2005. To say, I'm working for Boles -- or against Santorum -- is to say County Council is not going to get the attention it needs. What about school board races? What about municipal
races? You all should help two or three candidates in those efforts as dozens are running -- or thinking about it.

When relationships are built among communities and among the political junkies -- they pay off in the future. Often folks just need to show up. Mingle. Show up again.


Anonymous said...

From the GOPers:

As a part of the hardest working, most efficient team in the history of politics, you helped Republicans all across the country achieve victory this election cycle.

President Bush won a historic victory, defeating John Kerry by more than 3.5 million votes, 58.6 million to 55.1 million (51% to 48%) and winning the Electoral College 286 to 252.

In doing so, President Bush:
Becomes the first presidential candidate to win more than 50% of the popular vote since 1988,
Received the most votes by any presidential candidate in history-over 58 million,
Becomes the first President re-elected while gaining seats in the House and the Senate since 1936, and the first Republican President to be re-elected with House and Senate majorities since 1924, and
Garnered 7 million more popular votes than in 2000-more than twice the amount that President Clinton increased his vote between 1992 and 1996.
Your hard work made this possible. We had the best volunteer grassroots organization activating the most sophisticated voter contact strategy in campaign history.

Your efforts are astounding:
1.2 million volunteers made over 15 million contacts, knocking on doors and making calls in the 72 hours before the polls closed.
7.2 million e-activists were contacting their family, friends, co-workers,
The RNC registered 3.4 million new voters, enlisted 1.4 million Team Leaders, and contacted-on a person to person basis-30 million Americans in the months leading up to and including Election Day, and
In the final 72 hours we met 129 % of our door-knocking goal; and met 120 % of our phone-calling goal.
For the first time in modern politics an equal number of Republicans and Democrats turned out for a presidential election.

We saw the impact of the President's convincing win in other races across the country. We increased our majorities in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate, captured two Governor's races, won the Georgia House and the Tennessee Senate for the first time since Reconstruction, and won the Oklahoma House for the first time in 83 years.

In summary, Republicans improved our standing in key demographic groups and geographic areas, and President Bush won a mandate.

Your efforts made a real difference. Every new voter you registered, every door you knocked on, every phone call you made, and every email you forwarded--can be seen in the results! President George W. Bush will lead this great country of ours for four more years and you helped make that happen!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You can ask Mark if he wants to do this, he will probably have a little time on his hands after he rests and catches up. However, I don't see what purpose it would serve. Everybody read the endorsement of Murphy in the P-G. Their sole criticism of Mark is that he wasn't knowledgeable of the issues. Why would anybody be interested in the ideas and platform of somebody who isn't knowledgeable of the issues?


Mark Rauterkus said...

The PG's critical remark(s) about issue knowledge, true or otherwise, needs to be overcome. That's the purpose: to strengthen a weakness, perception or otherwise.

I'm interested in the ideas within a platform because I'm skeptical of the
PG, and I don't expect a candidate would run with nothing to say.