Wednesday, September 12, 2007

City Council OKs TIF for Bakery Square

No TIFs.
City Council OKs TIF for Bakery Square City Council OKs TIF for Bakery Square Wednesday, September 12, 2007 Last night, City Council approved $10 million in tax increment financing for Bakery Square in Larimer.

The financing plan for the Walnut Capital Inc. development at the site of the former Nabisco plant at Penn Avenue and East Liberty Boulevard was proposed by the Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority and is still awaiting action by the city and the Pittsburgh school board.

Half of the money will help with the cost of the garage. The other half will help pay for the traffic lights and construction costs of turning Penn Circle into a two-way roadway all around the circle.
This was a "County Council" matter, not as reported, by City Council.

There was a County Council meeting last night at 5 pm. And, the meeting was NOT on the internet, as it should have been.

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