Monday, September 03, 2007

County looking to consolidate four row offices

This is proof positive of exactly what is wrong with the Dem Party Leadership and the process that only elects Ds. They promise. Then they promise again. And, they often promise some more when it comes to jobs. Political life of Pittsburgh Democrats is about jobs.
County looking to consolidate four row offices County Chief Executive Dan Onorato has promised the workers in those offices that no one, except for the elected officials and the individual solicitors, will lose their jobs.
So, the promise isn't being made about 'good government.' The promise isn't about being effective. The promise isn't to the taxpayers. The promise isn't to do the right thing.


The promise is that jobs will not be lost.

The priority is jobs -- and that priority is exactly what I don't want. They've got the wrong goals. They've got the wrong targets and benchmarks.

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