Thursday, September 06, 2007

Delano's Den: Campaign 2007 -- Does Anyone Care?

Jon Delano tells the truth.
Delano's Den: Campaign 2007 -- Does Anyone Care? Truth be told, it's not easy to blog every day -- which has only increased my tremendous admiration for those bloggers who manage to find time every single day to write something.
It is sad that he has to do a 'truth alert' when something honest get posted.

Humm. Perhaps that's why the blog was idle from June 30 to September 6. (snark, snark)

But the point of the post -- does anyone care? This question comes from a guy who is in the media and who isn't helping to set the debate stage. And, he'll be behind the microphone. So, he's got skin in the game but only for the paycheck.

KDKA cares about selling soap. That's advertising. The money is important to KDKA -- not the discussion and solutions. They want to make a race so they get advertising dollars. They don't care, sadly, if another 50,000 move out of the city. The KDKA signal goes beyond the city limits. KDKA does not even care much if the people move to Butler, Westmorland and Beaver County locations. KDKA still works there as well.

I care Jon.

Get to work. Host debates. Make em happen. Prove to us that you care a little.

Yes, both Michael Lamb and Bill Peduto supported Bob O'Connor in the fall. They are Ds and they know how to take marching orders -- boosterism, lockstep, don't break ranks.

Jon thinks that both the news media (MSM) and the blogosphere will enjoy reporting of a good old-fashioned slugfest between these two. WRONG. The MSM would enjoy that. But, I won't. I don't think that the bloggers are going to get their jollies by being so shallow. "Old-fashioned slugfest" ... humm... why not post "dog fight?" Is that too Vick-ish?

The race isn't a TWO WAY race for starters. There are FOUR on the ballot. Number five is 'stay-at-home.' Number six option is NONE OF THE ABOVE. What I'm looking to enjoy is a whole view -- introductions included. That's what didn't happen yet on KDKA, should have happened by mid August.

Fumbled opportunities KDKA.

Furthermore, old-fashioned isn't ideal. We are 'knowledge town.' We have old-fashioned water pipes. We have old-fashioned, back-room dealings. I don't want old-fashioned status quo behaviors.

Screw the idea of a slugfest. Rather, I crave a sustained conversation. I give and take. I want understandings to be shared. I don't want people to get beat up and pile on.

I want hopes to soar. I want solutions that work. I want community involvement. I want effective parenting.

What I enjoy and what Jon seems to rant about are not the same, just as I live in the city and he lives in the burbs.

I'll keep my own list of things I enjoy -- and mowing the lawn is not one of them. Old-fashioned slugfests between two are another.

Welcome back.

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