Thursday, September 13, 2007

E-mail users bringing home the bacn

E-mail users bringing home the bacn: To me, it's a bit tastier than spam. It's relevant e-mail you've opted to receive either by signing up for a service, joining a Web site or subscribing to content,' said Andrew Foote, head of the digital marketing division of Peppercom, a New York-based public relations firm.

The term bacn is a relatively new expression first brought to life on Aug. 20 at a blog conference at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh -- PodCamp Pittsburgh 2. Almost instantly, the term spread across the Web and claimed a place in Internet lingo.
Go figure. The first coverage of BACN from the P-G and it is ALL NEGATIVE. I'm not saying that bacn is the new granola, but come on P-G.

Bacn is theft just as "word of mouth" is theft to Madison Avenue.

Bacn is buzz. Bacn is sizzle. Bacn is how influence builds.

I made some bacn today with a posting to nearly 100 people on my Linked in network. I'm asking them how to put the heat on the mainstream media for the sake of political debate.

The P-G makes me giggle, as does most of the coverage from the Pittsburgh marketplace. It is sooooo negative.

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