Sunday, September 16, 2007

Funds will help with Dormont pool maintenance - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

This is why we need to take apart the RAD Tax. A more regional approach to recreation is needed. Dormont needs a swim pool. Mt. Lebo needs a swim pool. Carnegie needs a swim pool. But never, in today's landscape, is the total view considered nor understood. People from the Mt. Lebo and Carneigie use the Dormont Pool.
Funds will help with Dormont pool maintenance - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Dormont officials will use $75,000 from Allegheny County to help with needed repairs at the borough's swimming pool.

Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato presented the borough with a check Saturday during the Potomac Avenue Street Fair & Blues Festival.

The latest funding brings the total in state and county grants and donations to help maintain the 87-year-old landmark to $650,000, said John Maggio, president of Friends of the Dormont Pool. The group has raised $60,000.

Officials hope to raise $1 million to sustain operations at the 60,000-square-foot pool.
This check giving opportunity is nothing but PORK from Onorato. He uses the money as if it is 'walking around money' -- WAM. Same too with the money from the state.

I want parks people to have a better say as to where good investments should be made.

The concept of a the regional Pittsburgh Park District, an effort I championed years ago, is still practical and visionary.

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Nicko McDave said...

Since the fair was right down the hill from my house, I spent some time enjoying the festivities and NOT enjoying Onorato's brief remarks. While handing over the giant check, he seemed to be reading aloud a love letter he had written to Governor Rendell, who is always coming up with money for projects like these all across the state. Funny that he said nothing about where the money comes from.