Saturday, September 15, 2007

Housing Authority gets tough

Housing Authority gets tough Housing Authority gets tough Says eviction after rent is month late is bid to oust troublemakers Saturday, September 15, 2007 By Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Felicia Frazier said she paid her rent. Frank O'Leary, the manager of the St. Clair Village public housing community where she lives, said she may have paid, but a month late.

District Judge Gene Ricciardi sat in his courtroom Wednesday, listening to their dueling accounts, and concluded that Ms. Frazier overpaid by $9 -- but since it came in 32 days late, she owed court costs of $119.
Zero tolerance policy BS surfaces again.

Life isn't binary.

People are not, sorry for the pun, "Black -- or -- White." Most people are some shade between.

What happens when you have round pegs and square holes? The zero tolerance policy is for brain dead leadership.

However, when looking at the numbers in the article, this might be more sizzle than steak. Evictions have declined.

This story seems to be about Goldilocks. It was too cold. Then it was too hot. Can the pressure be 'just right?' And, getting it right is going to be hard, day-in-day-out work. It is about meetings, follow-up, and community understandings.

Reactions welcomed.

What's going on Matt?

Pittsburgh has been called a breeding ground for trouble. Ouch.

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Matt H said...

HACP has fgone after deliquent renters a lot more often. My office is very tough with our residents. We really don't buy any of the BS excuses that a lot of former managers might have fell for.

We have been putting out people who are always in court. Habitual offenders is what needs to go. We would rather take a hit on the money than keep going to court with the same couple of tenants every month.