Monday, September 10, 2007

Petition for the voters of Allegheny County - don't raise taxes -- put it to a vote

KDKA radio host, Marty Griffin, is talking on the air about a new petition so a question can be put before the voters. Interesting.

I called the show to ask about the nexus of the petition.

I was engaged in talks about two weeks ago about another petition effort. I also talked at the Labor Day parade with this individual. He was working on the form and and its associated electronic version / PDF.

Are these petition efforts the same? I hope there is some coordination among the two.

Marty said that many were working on the question including those at the Allegheny Institute.

Update: I did swing by the KDKA Radio Station reception desk and got a copy of the form from Marty Griffin. I've been checking matters out with the election department, county clerk, Allegheny Institute and other interested players.

Voters should have a voice. Furthermore, Dan Onorato is NOT going to be happy with the call for a vote. He wants to raise the taxes. He wants to be king and not be subject to the will of the people. Heck, Dan Onorato can't even pick the proper voting machines despite getting excellent advice on what to get from experts.

We need, and I advocate for, more questions on the ballot in the city and Allegheny County.

Once 500 signatures are gathered on the petition, the matter goes before Allegheny County Council. They can then put the matter onto the ballot -- or not.

Getting 500 signatures, with the help of KDKA radio host, would be a slam dunk. Putting the word out that this petition is buzzing in the neighborhoods with Marty's help would kick start someone on County Council.

I don't think they should dream up new taxes. The Democrats in Pennsylvania and Allegheny and the city are great at the creation of new taxes -- and fail in efforts of getting new jobs and residents.

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