Wednesday, September 12, 2007 site hits Thompson campaign and comes from realm of Mitt Romney.

Thompson aide: Romney will 'do anything, say anything, flip-flop on any position' to win - On Politics - The statement from Todd Harris, communications director for Fred Thompson, accuses Mitt Romney's campaign of a 'half-baked cover-up' of what he alleges is the association between a Romney consultant and a hastily pulled website that said nasty things about Thompson.

Harris concluded with the kind of rhetoric that tends to warm Democratic hearts: 'This latest episode only serves to prove what many voters are already figuring out: Mitt Romney will do anything, say anything, smear any opponent and flip flop on any position in order to win. The American people in general and the Republican Party in particular deserve better than this.'
Bang, bang.

Have you opened any new web sites?

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rob said...

From the NYTimes Caucas blog today:

“The third partner at the firm [TTS Strategies], Heath Thompson, is now working for Rudolph W. Giuliani’s presidential campaign, according to published reports.”

Hmmm. Compare that to this article from the Wash.Post: Heath Thompson is working FOR Scott Howell (this is confirmed on Howell’s website:

Howell has been linked to the infamous ‘abrad2345′ Giuliani ads that have blasted Thompson, McCain AND Romney:
abrad Giuliani ads on Youtube

Just rank speculation, but is it possible that Wesley Donahue did the site at the behest of Heath Thompson and Scott Howell, rather than his other two bosses??? Maybe it WAS Rudy and not Mitt after all? Either way, someone’s got a lot of ’splaining to do!