Sunday, September 09, 2007

'Reforming' pensions, US Airways & the Chinese - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

'Reforming' pensions, US Airways & the Chinese - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "'Reform' is one of those words that politics has rendered meaningless."

Reform has become 'deformed.' Once reform of this and that happens, it is a short step before all is deformed.

Rather than talk of reform here -- I often want to do other things.

First, we need to replace.

Second, redirect.

Third, reform.

The worst thing would be serious reforms implemented by the jerks and clueless politicians that are in office these days.

For example, Dan Onorato can't choose the right voting machines. He can't even manage our democracy despite being told by experts and advocates for democracy what we needed and what to choose. Onorato picked the wrong voting machines -- against strong advice otherwise. I don't want him to lead reform efforts.

The Row Office Reform effort was goofy as well.

Rather than putting forth a package deal where all the various row offices were considered with one yes or no vote -- the citizens should have been able to vote on the future of each row office as an individual decision.

  • Elect a sheriff? Yes - or - No.

  • Elect a treasurer? Yes - or - No.

  • Elect a clerk of courts? Yes - or No.

  • Look at how hard it is for Luke Ravenstahl to see what is ethical or not. He is the worst person to help make up new rules for the ethics code. He can't do it. He can't even understand that letters to the mayor from ethics hearing board chairs are not private correspondence.

    This is why we can't have LUKE reform the rules that govern the ethics hearing board. Rather, we need to replace, re-direct, then reform.

    All the talk about reform needs to take a back seat to more urgent talk -- REPLACING the politicians that are in office now.

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