Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rt. 28 getting another on ramp

Great photo in the P-G, on the front page of its web site, shows the Sarah Heinz House, sorta. Looking at the photo of our city, I don't see a lot a space where people can live. I don't really see much of a way for people to cross those highways. Nor do I see a need to create more roads.

P-G Link of article.

I don't know what time that photo was taken, but it looks kinda nice without any cars on the road. Perhaps this was take at 2015, and I don't mean time of day. In the year 2015 our roads might be as empty as the photo shows at all times of the day.

I'd like to stress the creation of bike lanes.

I'd like to stress the use of existing railway lines and heavy rail as transport for people.

I'd like to see more people live in the city so they don't need the highways every day to get into and out of town.

No doubt, it is a bit of a pain for drivers to go from Rt. 28 to 579 and handle the various turns involved from one road to the other. But the pain involved with the loss of our city neighborhoods has been massive as well.

Furthermore, the bottle neck in the road network isn't at the end of Rt. 28, is it??? I think there are lots of other problems with Rt. 28. This is not the biggest issue in that commute.

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