Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Taking another step in the long climb to the White House

From RonPaul

Ron Paul is on with another debate tonight. Watch it.

The advancement of primary elections in places like Michigan and Florida is going to make this into more of a sprint and less of a marathon.

From RonPaul
The Pittsburgh City Paper is running an article on Dr. Ron Paul next week. I just provided them with and interview and some good quotes. For example:

The purpose of government has been blurred greatly around here. The city folks decide to build a tunnel under the river with federal money and say it can't be changed. Federal Housing people decide to buy up houses in certain neighborhoods to warehouse people and city government can't be leveraged so better decisions and outcomes can be found. Those in power are fine with the creation of confusion, doubt and uncertainty. They want to avoid accountability.

I want clear talk with a common sense purpose based upon the actual intent of government at the various levels from municipal to county to state to federal.

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