Thursday, September 06, 2007

[412] This is NOT too much about me -- yet. Do you want to opt into the media list as well?

I sent out an email blast:
[412] This is NOT too much about me -- yet. Do you want to opt into the media list as well?

Hi All,

The political campaigns of 2007 and 2008 are starting.

I am on the ballot for the November 6, 2007, election, twice. Voters in the city of Pittsburgh will be able to vote for me for CONTROLLER. Furthermore, voters in Pittsburgh's city council district 3 can vote for me for CITY COUNCIL.

But today's email is more for others:
+ Ron Paul, R;
++ David Adams, Indie;
+++ David Schulenberg, Indie; and
++++ Tony Oliva, Libertarian.

+ Debates for the 2008 election are being held and Pittsburgh-born Doctor Ron Paul, http://www.RonPaul2008, is doing well. He is my favorite by far. This is the time to get to know Ron Paul because the primary election period is going to be here sooner than expected. Study Ron Paul and learn more about LIBERTARIAN solutions.

I worry about local elections slated for 2007 as debates are NOT being scheduled. NONE. Zippo. I'm blogging, of course, My campaign planks, web sites, CDs, phone calls, press releases, book and podcasts are going to replace the need for debates and media -- if you care to listen and engage. Expect more news from me soon.

++ On Friday (tomorrow), I'll stand with David Adams, candidate for city council, district 9.

Pgh City Paper article on David:

Independent Candidate David Adams will formally announce his candidacy for the 9th district City Council seat on Friday September 7, 2007, at the Frick Park Entrance on Homewood Avenue, and Reynolds in the North Point Breeze community. The time of the event will be 12:30 P.M.

Adams will highlight the points of difference between what Ricky Burgess has presented as his plan, and the strategies Adams has envisioned, and is currently developing for the district, which Adams says will "change the way the 9th district does business as a community!"

The event will also include special guests, who are running for various positions in the November 6th election.

This event is open to the district residents, television, press and radio.

Adams sends a special invitation to candidate Ricky Burgess, in order to clarify any stated errors concerning his plan.

+++ David Schuilenberg is another independent candidate running for Pgh city council (district 1). I support him as he is much better than who is in office now.

A third David, David T, is running for Allegheny County Council's at large seat.

++++ Tony Oliva, Libertarian, is on the ballot for Mayor, City of Pittsburgh. He and I worked together to secure that ballot spot with my 'placeholder efforts.'

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News and content about Pittsburgh and our issues is expected to snowball for the next couple of months. I've got a new media helper, Travis. I'm not going to flood this email list,, with too much noise. I'm going to make another list.

If you'd like to get more news and insights about campaigns for public office, please send me an email:

Thanks for listening and your ongoing comments.

Mark Rauterkus
412 298 3432 = cell

Libertarian Candidate for Pittsburgh Controller &
Libertarian Candidate for Pittsburgh City Council, district 3
Vote November 6, 2007


Anonymous said...

Hello Mark and all:

Interesting blurb and post. However, I think that these party folks would be better served to HEAVILY TARGET THE INCUMBENT DEMOCRATS like Mr. Ravenstahl
in Pittsburgh. Otherwise, all you'll do is hurt REPUBLICANS and others who'd have a much more realistic chance to dethrone him plus all other horrendous 'BUMS.' If this isn't done, they'll continue (like OPIE) and nobody will really get needed long-term change. Seventy Five plus years of DEMOCRATIC PARTY ONLY RULE is way, way long enough. Imitation is sincerest form of flattery as got OPIE from or infamous Fantastic John McIntyre blog. Mr. McIntyre also writes an awesome column for or the Pittsburgh City Paper. I think you
get my drift about all these previous things . lol and hahaha

Libertarians can do their thing in other local/state forums. However,
unfortunately they'll hurt needed overthrow efforts in the City of
Pittsburgh. Here's to the Lord God and circumstances making a defeat and needed difference there. Otherwise we'll all be in deep doo doo. UGH Roll up your sleeves, spread the word, and LET'S GET TO WORK so the above things come to pass.

I'm the one who had the "GOP freshness" letter of 9-5-2007 at , and it is reprinted on .

Blessings, good luck, plus all the best in everything you do.

Rick Hays (Richard M. Hays, Jr. and 'Rick from Mt. Washington')

Mark Rauterkus said...


I'm running in two races and my opposition includes two Dems who were both uncontested.

David Adams is running against an uncontested D.

David S is running against an uncontested D.

Tony O -- well -- he is NOT. He is in a four way race.

David T is in a 3 way race and the R smells of corruption in this instance. That is for county council.