Thursday, September 06, 2007

Water is OFF on our street

No water this afternoon. UPDATE: Water came back about one hour later. All is well, except a hole in the nearby sidewalk.

A neighbor had been hearing the sounds of running water while in her house. But, the water wasn't running in her house -- but outside, under the street or sidewalk.

The crew came by yesterday. Today we've got the hole in the road.

Our city's infrastructure has crumbled. We have plenty to do in these areas. We need to get to work by turning attention to infrastructure. And, we can't do other things as there isn't enough money.

We can't go to war and have money for sewer and water pipes.

We can't go to war and keep our bridges in good shape.

We can't expect gambling windfalls from slots to pay for it all -- yet alone pay for property tax relief and unfunded pensions.

And, I'm not interested in expanding the slots parlor operations to table games until after the discussion about video poker machines. They've got their head in the sand.

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