Monday, September 10, 2007

Domestic abuse by police gets city hearing

Domestic abuse by police gets city hearing
Big time article. We'll see what the hearing brings.

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DEB said...

Law enforcement will attract abusers because it allows them to control other people and feel big about doing it. The very things that an abuser craves.
At the same time we teach our children when they are toddlers that a police officer is their friend.
Law enforcement needs to find a method to weed out these abusive personalities and never hire them in the beginning. We must be able to trust the police.
This leads to so much more abuse.
"Like protecting an abuser in the field because he is a good guy like me." "Oh just got a domestic dispute call, lets go get a donut first" Hiring people to be officers of the law that are abusers can not put these doubts in the public mind. If the mistake has been made already and they have been hired, we at least should not make them leaders in the occupation!

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