Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ron Paul slated for TV at 8 pm on Monday

Ron Paul will be on the O'Reilly Factor on Fox News tomorrow. The show is on at 8 pm.


Anonymous said...

John K. says: Watched Ron Paul. This guy wants to be President? He couldn't handle O'Reilly.

Mark Rauterkus said...

I watched the 11 pm interview. It was short. O'Reilly was a dork.

Bill O ranted: Iran has a state policy to give away nukes to the renegade terrorist. But, Iran doesn't have any such things to provide.

And, I have a feeling that others in that part of the world will do better are making sure that Iran doesn't ever make that type of build up.

And, what about Pakistan? That was a valid question by Dr. Paul.

Anonymous said...

Today (Sunday, Aug. 26), the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ran a column by editor Colin McNickle that criticized all of the Republican presidential candidates. He had this to say about Ron Paul:

"Ron Paul may hold dear some of the best libertarian precepts but he's a flop on defense, hardly a niggling thing if you swear fealty to the
Constitution. And you simply can't put out of your mind his resemblance to Timothy Leary. On paper on many issues Paul doesn't look bad. Watch him in a debate and two words come to mind: blotter acid."

Someone should answer this, and, unfortunately, I can't. The Trib has a policy of printing only one letter to the editor per month from the same person; and my last letter was printed Aug. 15.

If I weren't "blacked out" until mid-September, I'd write a letter making the following points:

1. The defense budgets that Ron Paul voted against were loaded with pork, including keeping bases open and procuring weapons that the military itself said it didn't need.

2. The budgets were far greater than needed to defend America, or America's vital interests, against attack. Most of the money was for extending U.S. influence abroad, in violation of America's traditional policy of peaceful relations and trade with all countries, entangling alliances with none, which Ron Paul, alone among the candidates, supports. (I'd use the phrase "not to defend the American republic, but to expand an American empire", but it may be too inflammatory.)

3. Ron Paul leads all the GOP candidates in contributions from military personnel and veterans. See

It's unlikely that so many of the men and women who have served in the
military would support him if he were a "flop on defense".

4. Polls and surveys show that those who did watch the debates think RP did
very well indeed. (Support with appropriate statistics.)

(And does anyone know what "blotter acid" means?)

If anyone would like to use any or all of these talking points in a letter to the Trib, please feel free.

Tom Gillooly