Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Duquesne U. basketball player suspended

Duquesne U. basketball player suspended Duquesne University junior power forward Stuard Baldonado, who was one of five basketball players shot last year, was suspended from the school yesterday after his arrest Friday on drug charges.
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This is a story with blowback to the 'drug wars.' The black college basketball player was found guilty of being in a taxi. Guilty of having a cell phone. Guilty of being in a city neighborhood. Guilty of being on academic probation. He plays a team sport and another claim to fame, is his ability to catch a bullet.

Two bags of grass were found on the other guy. How much? Were they as big bags, like carrying bags of school books? Or, were they tiny bags?

What became of the other guy, the 'dealer?'

The Duquesne University standard of accountability seems to apply to accompaniment. Share a cab and get the boot.

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Photo shows weeds on the street and what isn't here any more. Photo shows were we want our kids to hangout.

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