Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Meeting lessons. Wisdom without charge

When you have a problem with a certain theme, generally, the way to fix the problem is to do something different. Don't do the same thing by choosing to replay that same theme. Don't do what makes the problem worse.

So, let's say an organization has a problem with stability. Things in an organizational life do go up and down from time to time. In the example, let's just say that matters are 'out of control.' Going moment to moment with a community institution is hard work. Healthy organizations have storms, fine. Storms are a part of nature. We cope. We deal. They blow past.

However, good leadership of an organization isn't going to call for a re-do and cause a repeat of the storm and insure that troubled conditions linger.

So, with the example, don't fix the problem of 'stability' by offering workers a super short term contract. Go long.

A problem with stability needs to be countered by offering contracts to key people that extend for 2, 3, 4 or 5 years, not months.

Lesson two of tonights, gratis words of advice.

In life, most moves are either that of playing offense or playing defense. The acts are to either move the ball forward. Or, to play defense and protect what one already has.

When hard times have come and assets are at very low levels -- don't play defense. Get on offense. When you are down and out, use the nimble, hungry and flexible nature that comes with the crisis and act. There is a time to plant and scatter seeds.

The Steelers have the option of 'punting.' Generally, life does not give that option. So, when you have the ball and it is 3rd down and 12 yards to go, but you have 98 yeards until a touchdown, go for it. Run a play with the offense. Don't bring out the defense. Punting can't work.

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