Thursday, September 13, 2007

Neighborhood branch libraries are to close -- if they have their way

jumpcut movie:Warning: Neighborhood branch libraries to close The City of Pittsburgh has a library system that includes many neighborhood branch libraries that are great community assets. The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh runs the operation, but the buildings had all been owned by the city.

Efforts throughout the system have been sour for years, in my opinion. A few libraries got physical overhauls and are now more modern and are looking great. But some of the decisions have been poor.

The library building in Hazelwood has been abandoned. It is a great building that is now in a serious state of decline and the library leadership and stewardship fails in my book.

Recently, running mate of the stars, Glenn Walsh, spoke to Pittsburgh City Council to warn them of a looming storm. In the grant application made by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh to the RAD Board (Regional Asset District), Library Administrators made mentions of their intentions to close neighborhood branches.

City Council has a big role in the library system. Most of all, the buildings that are home to these facilities are owned by the city and city council is responsible for them.

As a city councilman, and as a city controller, I'd be sure to fully investigate and report upon the efforts by the library administrators and board. These new leaders of the library system are often put in these roles despite them NOT being professional librarians.

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