Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ravenstahl fires two directors - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Ravenstahl fires two directors - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Humm...

Personal story. We had a building inspector at our house today -- just about the same time of day as when Luke was swinging his ax or waving his light saber.

Luke has been trying to 'streamline' the process for business owners in the city. It is fine to want to cut red tape. However, the neighborhood groups are going to be out in the cold.

If you want to keep a nightclub in a residential area, and the neighborhood residents don't want it to re-open -- then what side is the mayor going to take? I expect that the mayor, in his pro business mode, is going to try to streamline the process. That also means citizens get tossed under the steamroller.
Ravenstahl shakes up staff, P-G A new Mayor's Office position, director of operations, will be filled by Art Victor, a veteran of Allegheny County Commissioner Bob Cranmer's staff who is now with Green Tree-based correctional medical firm Wexford Health Services.
Where is the posting for the job called "director of operations?"
Alecia Sirk, a former reporter and communications professional who is also Mr. Ford's wife, will be press secretary.
That move worries me. Why was Matt H overlooked? Could they not come to terms in the last 90 days? Is that why there was such a delay?


Anonymous said...

Today's news was great.

Huge traffic tie up due to city paving crews.

Mayor, at a news conference to discuss his appointments (only because of the recent attention) has deer in the headlights look when asked about the traffic. He has no idea about the matter. "I'm not familiar with what you're talking about, but I'll take a look at it,"

Note: I wonder at that point did the mayor then look out the window? Perhaps his eyes need time to adjust after staring at those letters for 91 days. BTW, that's day late than 90. Does the phrase "a day late and a mayor short" apply here?

The Mayor told us that he is still not satisfied with the way things are going. Talks about raising the bar higher.

Mayor still has no clue about the traffic tie up. Costa's phone is turned off. The Mayor just "retained him".

2 cops directing traffic.

Pittsburgh, move the bar higher. Vote for DeSantis. He actually gives a crap.

Thomas Leturgey said...

Today was a perfect example of why Mark DeSantis should have had an emergency media event.

He was "on the phone" with Jon Delano today. If DeSantis was out of town, that's one thing. I thought former TV reporter Meghan Jones was his media person?

The timing of this horrible traffic boo-boo is interesting. ON THE DAY THESE ANNOUNCEMENTS WERE MADE...with people stuck in traffic during this "rearraning of chairs," Mr. Costa was proving exactly WHY he needs to be let go.

Public Works in this city is terrible. You mean to tell me that the best Public Works guy available in the nation just happens to have one of the most politically connected names in the region?

Something tells me a Republican administration would expect accountability. Democrats in this city don't believe in accountability.

Mark DeSantis needs to be out near the traffic jams tomorrow.

What a non-story, this "shake up" has become. DeSantis needs to hit this B.S. HARD.

And ANOTHER spouse gets a high-paying gig on the city dime. What in the heck is going on there?

Like Congressman Mike Doyle's wife getting a hefty paycheck from fundraising. NO ONE touched on the fact that Doyle complained that another Congressman's wife was being paid a COMMISSION for her work. Guess what, those earnings were far LESS than what Doyle's spouse received for the same work.

The excellence continues.

Matt H said...

Thanks for the mention.