Saturday, September 25, 2004

$38 million in grants from Fast Eddie

City Life, a show of the Pgh Cable Television Breau, getting its plug pulled, perhaps, is due for a hand-slap if not a good freeze out.

On a show, Gov Rendell said, "Not one person, not one business, not one organization, has run up the white flag and said that they've had it with Pittsburgh."

He means to point out that those that are here are not giving up. In a way, he is good to say that there are lots of people who still care. Some of us are "fighters" and we'll be in the good fight for the long haul.

However, our Gov is just flat out wrong. Many have quit on Pittsburgh. Many have left. Many more are leaving in the future.

More people departed Pittsburgh since Tom Murphy has been mayor than voted for him to continue being our mayor in 2001.

The outward migration is massive. Those people are voting with their feet. Those people want to be more free. Those people have been frustrated with the city.

Today I talked to a guy working on a new sidewalk next door. He won't live not only in the city -- hell no -- but not even in the county. He'd rather live in Armstrong County. He gave up. He waved the white flag. He isn't going to post on this blog. He isn't going to write a letter to the Governor. He is going to go about his work and life -- and make it elsewhere as much as possible.

The other kick in the teeth from the city cable television department is the fact that these boosterism shows run on our cable. This isn't about public service -- but it is about being elected again and pushing PR.

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