Thursday, September 16, 2004

Cultural District Apartments for upscale

First, we don't need to have a super-tight focus and only build in the downtown sector. There are lots of fringe areas within an easy walk that should be better suited for the new residential buildings. Sure, some can go downtown. But, 10 to 20 times the potential and upside is just a short walk beyond downtown.

Lower bluff, West End, North Side of the West End Bridge, both sides of Station Square, bottom of Bates. Then go a tiny bit farther and the real gem is Hazelwood.

I don't think it makes sense to make subsidized housing for rich folks. Frick at Sommerset is not prudent in terms of priorities for the public dollars.

Why is the URA putting money into quarter-million dollar apts in the Cultural District? Its $4-M that I'd strongly object.

If you put housing in downtown that families would use -- then you'd have places that empty nesters, college kids and young urban types would use as well. Why build temporary housing just so folks move in and move out?

If we make places that people are not going to leave -- then we'll have real demand. A marketplace will form that will be sustainable.

Aim low, don't miss. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh slips some more.

However, I do think we need some student housing in downtown. That is a no brainer. And, I would also love to see a large time share complex as well. Think of all the Pittsburghers who are not living here any longer. My we all love to come home. But how we hate to stay with aunts and uncles or older parents, should they still be around. But, a week at a time, once a year. They'd sell like hotcakes, even without the fries.

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