Friday, September 17, 2004

GOP chair yacks back to PG editorials

Allegheny County's GOP chair, new to the job in 2004, fired a letter to the editor to the PG in response to recent PG stances that so strongly favor Kerry. See the comment section for a replay of his email and letter.

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Anonymous said...

To the Editor:

Tuesday morning's lead editorial left me wondering whether the Post-Gazette had set aside its usual tone of smug self-congratulation to indulge in some self-parody instead, or if one of the more rabid Democratic front groups had used their latest million-dollar check from George Soros to hack into your computers the night before.

Instead, sadly, what was apparent in the editorial purporting to offer advice to John Kerry about how to jump-start his campaign was a muddle of old calumnies and some truly startling, although novel, misstatements.

In the course of a single editorial, you managed:
--to repeat the claims about President Bush's National Guard Service with
which Dan Rather made a fool of himself last week after breathlessly going on the air to report on what appear to be not only forgeries, but not
particularly good ones at that;

--to portray the war on terror which has-at a tragic but inescapable
cost-made America safer into some sort of personal vendetta of the
President, since American presidents ought to act to protect our nation only when French troops are willing to march into battle with American soldiers;

--blame the President for contributing in some presumably magical way for crimes committed during the Clinton administration by Enron executives subsequently prosecuted by this administration's Justice Department; and

--to repeat uncritically the assertion that this administration's tax cuts
went almost exclusively to the rich, while in reality the increase in the
child tax credit, the most significant portion of that tax cut, benefits a
group apparently of little interest to the Post-Gazette: middle-class
parents-the same group that has benefited from the highest level of home
ownership in American history despite your peculiar assertion that the
interest rates on home mortgages are rising.

While you must be given some credit for over-achievement when it
comes to misstating the facts and while the First Amendment properly
recognizes your right to turn "one of America's great newspapers" into a
rehash of the material on a website, your readers deserve to see these egregious distortions corrected-and I would very gently suggest that the hysterical tone of your editorial, which matches that of your favored
candidate for president's campaign, goes a long way in explaining why so
many Republicans and Democrats alike in western Pennsylvania have rallied to President Bush's cause in the last several week.

Robert A. Glancy, Chairman
Republican Committee of Allegheny County