Wednesday, September 22, 2004

PA Row Office Races Money Update

Grassroots PA
With six weeks to go, I find it strange that those with more money in the bank are given props as to being 'ahead.' If one is really putting forth the effort to win the election, then the cash on hand might be much closer to zero. On the other hand, folks like Jack Wagner are more interested in a career in politics. They want a "war chest" so other races can be waged. The idea for them is not to win the race and do something in that office. Rather that rules is self-preservation.

These row office politicians are more sizzle than steak. And, most of their real meat is parked in their wallets under their seat. Or, it is already put into the freezer.

Auditor General
Jack Wagner, of Pittsburgh, raised about $357,000 in cash and in-kind contributions and spent $161,600 in the period. He now has $387,200 on hand. Overall, Wagner has raised nearly $692,000 and spent $287,500 in the race.

Former Scranton police officer and federal prosecutor Joe Peters, raised $246,000 and spent $136,400 in the period, and now has almost $135,000 on hand. Peters has raised a total of $463,300 and spent $330,000 in the race.

Robert P. Casey Jr. raised $352,000 in cash and in-kind contributions in the period and spent nearly $124,000, and has about $528,700 on hand. Casey, who is the state's two-term auditor general, has raised $979,000 and spent more than $417,000 in the race.

Jean Craige Pepper, a financial consultant from Erie who has not run for public office before, raised $110,000 in cash and in-kind contributions in the period and spent about $83,400, and now has $34,400 on hand. All told, Pepper has raised about $269,000 and spent $240,000.

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