Saturday, September 25, 2004

Library -- still searching for TRFN and Wirless

PG: Main library articleAnne Candreva, director of information technology at the Carnegie Library, unveils the marquee near the library's entrance, ...

Animated messages are fine, but I'm still looking for TRFN and Wireless

The Oakland branch should be wireless. The Beehive, a South Side coffee shop, is now with free wireless. So, the library spend a hefty sum to modernize -- and we get signs that blink.

The real potential isn't in the bricks and mortar. Sure, some people don't leave the first floor. But many more don't even make it to the doors. The services of the Three Rivers Free Net made for great outreach. Those services are missed. Those services stopped just as the planning for the new expresso bar began.

If you are lost, there is nothing like Google or Ask Jeeves.

A Zillion .... excuses

By next year, Candreva said, the library may be wireless, but that is a major task because the building is chock full of steel, necessitating the placement of 'just a zillion' hidden antennas.

We don't need every inch of the library to be wireless. How about five antennas. Put one right on top of the pastry display.

Can't wait to go to the quiet reading room that features no computers. Perhaps a page was taken from the Parks Conservancy. Let's advance with a Highland Park rebuild a fountain and entry way that was just like it was in 1900. Same too with the library. Get rid of those nasty computers here. Too much noise.

No doubt that the library re-make was a lot of work and effort from all involved. However, here we go again with a "massive" remake instead of an evolution. Do something every year or two. In terms of overall facilities, little or nothing has been done since a few wheelchair ramps were installed -- other than the start-up of the internet and the killing of a wildly popular and necessary TRFN.

When the first planning meeting was held on the South Side to talk about its library face lift someone asked, "What about the books. Are we getting new books?" Sadly, this whole exercise is about bricks and mortar -- and there won't be an impact with the books. Without new parking, without new books -- some dare to ask, "why?"

South Pittsburgh Reporter - Carnegie begins planning stages for South Side Library


The overall theme for finding the solutions for Pittsburgh is much more about software and programming and much less about hardware and buildings. The process and the software outcomes are where we need to put our creativity, energy and investments. Think again. The "build-it and they will come" mentality isn't the desired pathway for me in our quest for vibrant community.

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Anonymous said...

I too have heard nothing about wireless interface at the Carnegie Library Main Branch rehab.

I think it was appalling that the entire Main Branch was closed all day Wednesday to hold a private reception for funders and members to show-off the completed rehab.