Thursday, September 16, 2004

Airport to step up wooing

Keep those dogies rolling -- hub of chuck wagon. Pittsburgh's airport, with its hub and spoke model, is about as modern as the wheel in the image. Pittsburgh overspent on the airport. It is mostly idle, too large, with huge debt. The airport isn't the type of economic engine Pittsburgh needs. The building project is going to saddle our kids with debt for years to come. Sadly, same goes the Convention Center. And, even worse, same goes the underwater tunnels to the lower north side to service the stadiums and alter the light rail. Wrongheaded.
Airport to step up wooing of all fliers: "The authority has launched a $272,000 advertising campaign designed to generate more local traffic"...
FWIW (for what its worth), its easy for Tom Murphy to catch a flight out of Cleveland from his home in Butler County.
Here is more "boosterism" to make our load of image-gap all that more of an uphill challenge. The airport authority shouldn't be running a quarter-million-dollar PR campaign. The authorities are way out of bounds around here. And, it is money like this that goes to the media outlets that then allows the watchdogs to fall to sleep. They can't bite the hands that feed them.

Meanwhile, we are building a new airport in the northern edge of the county. More corporate welfare.

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