Saturday, September 18, 2004

He Said She Said

Union bosses attack official on Act 47 plan: "Marlene Lamanna at a news conference yesterday -- said Lieberman also told them to lobby against the recovery plan."

What the heck is going on here? Generally I'm in the know. Generally I have a sense of what's about to happen before it is ever reported (as far as city politics). I'm not bragging, but more so discounting what get reported.

But, from time to time, as this is, I find a real head scratcher.

Bill Lieberman is on the ICA (oversight board). For starters, Lieberman should resign. Isn't he the one who wants to be a player in a new gambling venture in the city? For even thinking about the play for the lone license -- I sense a real conflict of interest. His conflict occurs in the gamble to get the gambling permit -- not after hitting the jackpot.

Next, he's puffing up the ICA (oversight board) and taking the air out of the Act 47 Recovery Team. Right? Is this just a selfish power play? Is this just a deal where more power can be secured by helping the enemy of an enemy?

But, why in the hell does any enemy exist? Just to undercut?

And, why are we only seeing about this comment in the PG now? Because of the press event? And, what did the other union officials say about what got said. Is the crossing guard union president being left out in the wind and rain by Rossi and Vesci and who knows who else.

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