Saturday, September 25, 2004

What is a "Paladin?"

Pitt played the Furman Paladins at Heinz Field. After smacking Pitt around the field for three quarters, it is safe to assume this Division I-AA school won't be a guest again. Great game! Pitt did win in overtime.


RTO Trainer said...

A Paladin is a Crusader knight. Usually of one of the Crusading orders (Templar, Malta, Hospitaler...). The word in modern contexts usually means anyone who fights for a cause.

Also, Paladin was the protagonist character on Have Gun Will Travel.

Finally, the M-109A6 Paladin is a self-propelled 155mm howitzer in the US Army inventory.

Anonymous said...

Current Pitt and former Connellsville High School running back Marcus Furman has the all-time Pennsylvania single-game rushing record of 455 yards. Hall-of-Famer Tony Dorsett ran over, around and through defenses while starring at Hopewell High School.