Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Jerry Bowyer going to the 3 to 6 pm slot

Jerry Bowyer and "Uncle Douggie" (Hoerth) are switching time slots on WPTT, 1360 AM. Jerry Bowyer goes to 3-6.

Hoerth hates the morning, as he has said on the air. My radio won't play much of Uncle Dougie as his conversations are best suited for adults. I don't care to hear about the legs of TV newscasters, nor do I want my kids have that type of nonesense pushed into their airwaves.

Bowyer is a Pittsburgh media gem. He thinks. He gets great guests. He has knocked the system on multiple instances and with multiple campaigns. He is a worthy counter-weight to Lynn Cullen too.

All in all, I still really miss Chicago's radio talent. I'm a "Kev Head." I'd really like to hear daily sports reports from Jim Shorts. Listen yourself:


Thomas Leturgey said...

Not sure of the genesis of the move that flips Jerry and Doug.

I believe that Jerry will face bigger Drive Time competition with Sean Hannity and Fred Honsberger in the afternoon. That's no good.

Douggie will simply get lost in the a.m. shuffle. It's amazing to me that he's making the move, as Hoerth has repeatedly said he hates the shift.

One good thing is that Jerry will be able to counter act Lynn Cullen's show, which is simply nothing but a funeral procession at this point.

Her daily death march of liberal fingerpointing and name-calling is an abomination to the thinking person.

Here's to the possible end of "leadership radio," which was one of the reasons why Jerry Bowyer's morning show was simply the best this town had to offer.

Nathanael Roosa said...

I think it''s fucking gorgeous.